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List of Directors:

Chairperson: Peter Darcy

Treasurer: Joan McQuillan

Bernadette Kelly

Michael Kennedy

Jennifer Hewson

Secretary to the Board: Ann McVeigh

Drogheda Hospice Homecare Foundation was set up in 1994 to care for local cancer patients and their families in their own homes.


Our all-volunteer service provides vital patient transport to help patients attend hospital and treatment appointments all over the region.


On any given day there will be between 8 and 12 cars on the road driven by our volunteer drivers taking our patients where they need to go and alleviating the worry and expense involved in getting there.


We provide drivers, carers, home help, family support services and specialist in-home equipment for the comfort and care of our cancer patients and families.


We back up services provided by the HSE and the Irish Cancer Society.

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